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Project Management Software | Manage Multiple Project in One Tools

Streamline your agency operations with Corexta’s project management Software. From task visualization and project planning to real-time progress tracking, expenses, and earnings, Corexta provides everything you need to manage your projects efficiently: experience enhanced collaboration, improved organization, and data-driven decision-making with our intuitive and customizable platform. Sign up today and elevate your project management game.





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Project Management Software
Project management is critical to the success of any agency or business. Corexta provides the tools to stay organized and on track, from planning to execution. Visualize work and tasks with our extreme task management feature, plan project schedules with our latest chart, and track progress, expenses, earnings, and more—all in real time.

Key Features


Manage client and vendor contracts seamlessly. Keep all your contract information in one place for easy access and organization.


Create, manage, and monitor projects with ease. Our project management feature allows you to break down projects into manageable tasks and milestones.


Assign, track, and prioritize tasks efficiently. Ensure everything runs smoothly with our robust task management tools.


Track billable hours and productivity accurately. Our timesheet feature helps you keep track of time spent on various tasks and projects.

Project Roadmap

Visualize your project timeline and milestones. With clear project roadmaps, you can stay on track and ensure timely delivery.

Simplify complex workflows and ensure all tasks are timely.
Enhance team collaboration with tools that keep everyone on the same page.
Organize and manage tasks effectively to boost productivity.
Allocate and optimize resources efficiently to maximize output.
Accurately track time and ensure proper billing with our timesheet feature.
Make informed decisions with real-time data and analytics.

How It Works

Visualize Tasks with Kanban

Use Kanban boards to manage tasks visually. As tasks progress, you can drag and drop them to different stages.

Plan Projects Using Gantt Charts

Create detailed project plans with Gantt charts. Visualize project timelines and dependencies to stay on track.

Track Progress, Expenses, and Earnings in Real Time

Monitor project progress and financials in real time. Stay informed with up-to-date information on expenses and earnings.

Corexta’s project management tools increase efficiency, improve organization, and enhance team collaboration. Experience seamless project management with features designed to meet your business’s unique needs.
Ready to streamline your project management? Sign up for a free trial of Corexta today and see the difference for yourself.

Frequently Asked

Managing contracts with Corexta is straightforward and efficient. Our platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline contract management, ensuring you stay organized and in control.

First, you can easily create and store contracts within the platform. Whether uploading existing contracts or using our templates to draft new ones, Corexta centralizes all your documents for easy access. Our intuitive dashboard simplifies tracking contract status, allowing you to monitor which contracts are pending, signed, or expired. You’ll receive notifications for important deadlines and renewals, keeping you on top of your contract management tasks.

Corexta’s client management integration links contracts directly to specific clients, projects, and tasks, ensuring all related documents are easily accessible and connected to the relevant activities and stakeholders. Our secure and compliant storage solutions complement this integration. Your contracts are stored securely within Corexta, adhering to industry-standard security protocols to protect sensitive information and ensure legal compliance.

Collaborative features within Corexta enhance the contract management process. You can assign tasks, share documents, and communicate directly with your team within the platform, streamlining the workflow. Our reporting and analytics tools also allow you to generate reports on contract statuses, client interactions, and project milestones, enabling informed decision-making and improved contract management practices.

Corexta's task management tool stands out due to its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and seamless integration capabilities. It uses Kanban boards to visualize tasks, making it easy to see the status of each task at a glance, enhancing team collaboration and ensuring everyone is on the same page. Advanced planning with Gantt charts allows for detailed project planning, enabling you to map out entire projects, set dependencies, and track progress over time, helping identify bottlenecks and keeping projects on schedule. Corexta provides real-time tracking of tasks, expenses, earnings, and overall project progress, ensuring up-to-date information is always at your fingertips, facilitating quick decision-making and effective project management.

The tool covers all aspects of task management, from creating tasks and assigning them to team members to setting deadlines and adding detailed descriptions. It also includes timesheets for tracking time spent on each task, enhancing accountability and productivity. Corexta facilitates smooth collaboration by allowing team members to comment on tasks, share files, and update task statuses, ensuring integrated communication and streamlined collaborative efforts. The task management tool is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to fit your specific workflow and business needs, whether you prefer a simple to-do list or a complex project structure. Additionally, Corexta seamlessly integrates with other essential tools and services, enhancing its flexibility and usability.

Corexta tracks billable hours with precision and ease, ensuring accurate invoicing and effective project management. The platform features a robust timesheet system where team members can log the hours spent on specific tasks and projects. This system allows for detailed time tracking, including start and end times, breaks, and notes on the work performed. Corexta's timesheets are integrated with its project management tools, enabling automatic association of logged hours with particular projects and tasks. This integration simplifies calculating billable hours and accurately records all time spent. Additionally, Corexta provides real-time tracking and reporting capabilities, allowing managers to monitor billable hours as they accumulate. This ensures transparency and helps maintain control over project budgets, leading to more accurate client billing and improved financial management for the agency.

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