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Advanced HR Management Tools | Streamline Your HR Processes with Corexta's

Managing human resources is crucial for any agency or business. Corexta’s HR Management module offers a comprehensive suite of tools to simplify and enhance your HR operations. Corexta ensures your HR processes are efficient, accurate, and aligned with your business goals, from managing employee information to tracking attendance and handling leave requests.



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Use Casese

Employee Engagement

Improve employee satisfaction with streamlined leave requests, accurate attendance tracking, and timely recognition of achievements.

Attendance Management

Ensure accurate and efficient attendance tracking with multiple methods to suit your business needs.

Shift Management

Manage shifts seamlessly, ensuring adequate staffing and minimizing scheduling conflicts.

Shift Management

Manage shifts seamlessly, ensuring adequate staffing and minimizing scheduling conflicts.

Employee Data Management

Keep all employee information centralized and easily accessible for efficient HR management.

Departmental Management

Simplify departmental management and reporting with clear organizational structures.

Recognize and Reward

Boost morale and productivity by recognizing and rewarding employee accomplishments.

How to Get Started

Set Up Your Account

Create your Corexta account and HR management dashboard.

Add Employees

Populate your employee database with essential information, including personal details, job roles, and contact information.

Configure Leave Policies

Define leave types, set up approval workflows, and automate leave balance updates.

Create Shift Rosters

Design and manage shift schedules, ensuring optimal staffing levels for each department.

Track Attendance

Implement multiple attendance tracking methods to suit your business needs and ensure accurate records.

Maintain Holiday Calendars

Keep an up-to-date holiday calendar accessible to all employees.

Manage Designations and Departments

Organize employees by designations and departments for better management and reporting.

Recognize Employee Achievements

Use the appreciation feature to recognize and reward employee accomplishments, fostering a positive work environment.

Benefits of Corexta's HR Management Tools

Corexta’s HR Management module provides numerous benefits that help streamline your HR processes, improve employee satisfaction, and boost overall productivity. By centralizing HR functions into one cohesive system, you can ensure accuracy, efficiency, and transparency across all HR activities.


Corexta’s HR Management tools are designed to make your HR processes more efficient and effective. With features that cover all aspects of HR management, Corexta helps you create a positive work environment, ensure compliance, and focus on strategic HR initiatives.
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Frequently Asked

Corexta’s HR Management module allows you to store and manage comprehensive employee records, including personal details, job roles, performance data, and more. This centralized database ensures easy access and efficient management of all employee-related information.
Yes, Corexta provides robust features for tracking attendance and managing leave requests. Employees can log their attendance, request leaves, and view their leave balances, while managers can approve or reject leave requests and monitor attendance records in real-time.
The shift roster feature in Corexta enables you to create, manage, and assign shifts to employees. You can set up recurring shifts, handle shift swaps, and ensure that all shifts are covered efficiently. Employees can view their assigned shifts and receive notifications for any changes.
Corexta’s HR Management module includes features for employee appreciation, allowing you to recognize and reward employees for their achievements. You can set up appreciation programs, send out recognition messages, and track the impact of these programs on employee morale and performance.
Absolutely. Corexta supports the management of multiple departments and designations within your organization. You can create and organize departments, assign employees to specific roles, and manage departmental hierarchies to streamline operations and improve organizational structure.
Corexta allows you to define and manage your organization's holiday schedules and leave policies. You can create custom leave types, set accrual policies, and ensure all employees know about upcoming holidays and their leave entitlements. The system also facilitates automated leave balance calculations.
Yes, Corexta includes features for tracking employee performance and conducting appraisals. You can set performance goals, conduct evaluations, and provide employee feedback. This helps maintain a high-performance culture and ensures employees are aligned with organizational objectives.
Corexta prioritizes data security and employs robust measures to protect employee information. The platform uses encryption, secure access controls, and regular security audits to safeguard all employee data against unauthorized access and breaches.

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